Tramandare il bello

Tramandare il bello

Cb Made in Italy comes to life in 2010 when Milanese Cecilia Bringheli, former fashion pr, decides to involve her older brother Lorenzo, photographer, in the design of a new project, with the aim to create a unisex line of elegant and timeless flat shoes, of the utmost quality, absolute comfort and durability, thought for an international well traveled audience.
With the clear but arduous task of “tramandare il bello”, meaning “to convey the cult of beauty”, as always embraced by their family, the two brothers undertook this adventure.
“The process of building and designing is always a pleasant moment. The brainstorming often indulge in the reminiscence of our Italian childhoods, mostly influenced by the carefree summertime spent in Positano, kissed by the golden sun of the Amalfi Coast” says founder Cecilia.


Throughout each and every creation, Cb states and guarantees the highest quality level, thanks to the fusion between of traditional Italian handmade know-how and the most up-to-date technologies, always kept together by the leitmotif of Love.
From the leather’s hand-cutting to the assembly of every single component and garment, each step contributes in the creation of unique products, rigorously  Made in Italy.
Every piece requires a minimum of 90 productive steps, all managed by skilled and devoted artisans, who preserve the old-time concern for quality. Cb feels it’s more appropriate to define these professionals as artists and is proud to contribute in conveying their traditions.
The unique comfort deriving from handmade process and human attention provides all Cb customers with an understated and effortless attire, redefining the modern concept of luxury.

Cb Made in Italy has now grow to a brand that proudly offers a variety of timeless and elegant products: not only the largely assorted shoe line, but also travel bags, belts and other small leather goods. All characterized by refined quality and comfort, which make every single piece perfectly suitable both for the everyday chaotic life as in the crowded streets of cosmopolitan cities like New York or Tokyo and for special events and occasions and the glamorous parties such as in St.Tropez or Capri, but also moment of  leisure or travel, ultimately becoming an extension of your personality. 

Every pair of Cb has it’s own story, your story. This is what makes them further more unique. The signs of time give them the final touch of beauty, brimming with emotionality.
Cb wants to reveal through the shoes and the other creations, their stories and this explains the decision not to show the logo explicitly. After all…“Emotion needs no signature”.

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